Our Vision

TheBridgeGlobal hopes to empower communities and individuals by providing them with the tools necessary to become a more active and engaged part of civil society. We believe that the development of a society is directly related to the awareness and education of its citizens. Through our social projects, we hope to convey the importance of good citizenship practices in creating sustainable and successful communities.

Citizenship Education

TheBridgeGlobal specializes in social responsibility and creates projects that focus on citizenship education. It develops social products that are implemented through informing and educating young and adult members of society.

Who we are? What do we do?

Founded in 2012 by Leonor Sá Machado, TheBridgeGlobal wants to build bridges of dialogue, cooperation and knowledge. It aims to connect people through social projects, bringing together the expertise of people who want to carry out projects with that of those who have the means to do so.

Social Products

TheBridgeGlobal specializes in management consulting of Social Responsibility strategy that links public institutions, companies and civil society, in order to implement social products that, through projects, impact and transform communities.


How and where do we operate?

TheBridgeGlobal works in Angola and Brazil, developing projects related to empowerment, citizenship, education, social discrimination and violence against women.

Using methodologies developed by the company and with a highly qualified team, TheBridgeGlobal forms local teams throughout several territories, in which it implements its projects.

TheBridgeGlobal aims to identify the different needs of society, and develop social projects that will address those needs.
During these projects, TheBridgeGlobal emphasizes the importance of the pedagogical and didactic training that participants receive, as well as the development and creation of training materials specific to each cause.

Our Mission

TheBridgeGlobal’s mission is to achieve cooperation between countries, institutions and people, with the aim of developing and implementing projects that will help minimize social problems at the local and global levels.



Professional with a solid experience in Marketing and Communication, Leonor Sá Machado held positions of high responsibility and technical knowledge. Between the years 1987 and 2013, she was executive of several important multinational companies in Portugal and Spain, such as Johnson & Johnson, Grupo Bimbo, Heinz and Renova in Portugal and Spain and at Banco Espirito Santo in Angola. She was voted as the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year by Maximum magazine in Portugal.
She founded TheBridgeGlobal in 2012, a Social Responsibility company, from which she is president, TheBridge Global acts in Brazil and Angola in social responsibility projects.


Degree in Marketing and Publicity, and also trained in HTML programming, he developed over three years, his activity in Fullsix group in the area of Programming and Website Development for international clients, also working with creativity and image in social networks.
In 2012, he joins the TheBridgeGlobal project as Managing Director, where he takes the responsibility for the logistic and financial branch of the company.


Degree in Childhood Education at Childhood Educators School Maria Ulrich in Lisbon completed in 2005.
Deep experience in the application of teaching methods, in work with children from 2 to 12 years, during six years in the Park International Schools. This experience was developed and applied in TheBridgeGlobal, team that she joined in 2013, starting the activity in the offices of São Paulo with the responsibility of Management of Education Projects of the Company, in Brazil and Angola.


With training in the Solicitors area, developed throughout his life projects of interest to the communities where he lived, supporting, through volunteering, social causes with children between 8 and 15 years in education and leisure.
In TheBridgeGlobal, as project manager supports the implementation of various Education Projects in Angola and Brazil.


Has a degree in Information Technology and System Development from Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology (South Africa). Has experience in several internships relating to management and office administration, assembly and updating networks and computers.
Works at TheBridgeGlobal as a Controller, the majority of work involves the production of daily and weekly reports, database management, logistics and communications with project leaders.


Has a degree in Management from the Universidade Independente de Angola, acquired in 2014.
Professional qualifications include Computerized Admin. Worked as a sales promoter at NAIT Comercial for two years, as a secretary at Colegio da Paz for six months, and as a financial assistant at Luriframuly Lda for one year and six months.
Joins TheBridgeGlobal in 2016 undertaking the position of assistant to the Project Director, focusing primarily on supporting team leaders.


Has a degree in Cinema and Television from the Instituto Superior Metropolitano de Angola, specializing in vídeo and image editing. Interned at CISCO-IMAGEM, a company specializing images and publicity, for six months. In addition, participated in several plays as an actor for approximately 15 years.
In 2014, he joined TheBridge as an actor for the project entitled “Uma Viagem ao Mundo da Ciencia e Tecnologia”, and the following year was a team manager for the project “Justinho e a mala fantástica” (for awareness on the importance of paying taxes).
In 2016, was a Civic Agents team leader on a project for the awareness of voter registration. Throughout these projects he had the opportunity to travel to all 18 Angolan provinces, lead teams and work in all the social projects that TheBridge implemented.


Pre-University education in Legal Economic Sciences.
Worked at ADPP in the didactic materials sales department from january 2011 to july 2013. Has worked at the TheBridgeGlobal since October of 2013, undertaking administrative and operational work in controlling transports fleet. Participated in several social awareness projects carried out by TheBridge, working directly as a training officer in the national campaign for voter registration awareness.


Has training in Civil Construction from Centro Profissional do Cazenga. Worked in Administration with the Grupo Mota0Engil and acquired experience in Equipment Maintencance at the Nory group, Nova Rede.
Undertakes operational tasks at TheBridgeGlobal, provides support logistics, assessment of materials and administrative services.