TheBridge Global is implementing in Luanda-Angola an innovative program to motivate citizens to pay taxes.

The Campaign for the promotion of Citizenship Awareness for the Payment of Taxes is an action taken by the Ministry of Finances, that is being implemented through the General Tributary Administration, and is divided in three distinct areas of action.

In the media, with the presentation of a media campaign with national exposure that includes public and private communication mediums such as TV, Press, Radio and Outdoors.

In official educational institutions, as well as private ones, and also in municipalities with the support of the Ministry of Education which in turn will take to schools information on taxes through an educational film that exemplifies what it’s like to be a good citizen, and to abide by societal and national duties.

Through visits from the Payment and Awareness Brigades for the Awareness of Payment and Taxes that visit citizens and make them aware of the importance of paying taxes.


We want to change the way in which citizens think about the payment of taxes, and make them aware of the positive consequences this could have on their lives, as well as their importance towards the development of Angola as a country.


To see our movie, click here:


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