The National Commission for UNESCO in partnership with TheBridgeGlobal have developed a Project called “Citizenship Route—Education, Sport, Environment, Technology, Art and Culture” launched on the 24th of May at Mutu-Ya-Kevela in Luanda.
Education, Sharing, Social Inclusion and Promotion of Angolan Cultural, Patriotic and Identity values are the pilars of the Citizenship Route which aim to promote cultural citizenship through na educational process at national level. With education as a foundation, the Route aims to take culture to all Angolan provinces, starting at Mutu-Ya-Kevela.
In addition, the project will focus on the cultural interchange between provinces and the discovery of new talents in the areas of music, dance, composition, and fine art.
The has been created with the objective of contributing towards Social Inclusion, Promotion of Cultural Values, the Democratization of Knowledge Access and the Creation of Opportunities. In this way, it hopes to facilitate social inclusion whilst promotion a culture of peace as a fundamental objective of our country.
With the implementation of the Route of Citizenship, cemented in the Sustainable Development Goals until 2030, we hope that teachers, students, families and the community acquire knowledge and skills needed in the promotion of a culture of peace, not of violence. In this way, it hopes to valorize cultural diversity and reach goals set out by the SDGs by 2030.
IMAGINE (Communications), WEZA (Creative) and ELA (Artistic management) are project partners.