2017- The Banco de Desenvolvimento de Angola (BDA), as part of its social responsibility mandate, has decided to implement the “Diversification Program” on a national level. It aims to focus on education for citizenship.

For the implementation of the project we have created awareness groups that will contact universities, institutions, business schools, training centers, businesses and commercial establishments, with the goal of promoting the importance of credit return and repayment.
At the same time, a TV program called “BDA Space” will be aired on prime time TPA and focus on promoting projects around entrepreneurship, presenting BDA as a bank that finances the diversification of the economy.

Entrepreneurship motivates innovation and competitiveness, and can stimulate the Angolan population.

The more diverse the economy, the better!

In this project we trained 17 delivery staff on Civic Awareness for one month, touching on the following modules: Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Change and Persuasion. The project contacted 94,237 people, and educated 15,723.

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To visit the Facebook page click here:  or here