The National Conference on Patronage in Youth and Sport, under the slogan “The Role of Business in Supporting Youth and Sport”, was held by the Ministry of Youth and Sport and organized by TheBridgeGlobal, on the 13th of September 2018 at the Dr. Antonio Agostinho Neto Memorial – MAAN.

The Conference was attended by 240 participants, and aimed to share ideas about the importance of the Patronage Law, as well as the social role of companies in supporting Youth and Sport. Specifically, it aimed to promote the Law and to make known the procedures related to the tax incentive regime established in Law 8/12, and to establish the acts regarding the registration and application of the patron, as well as to evaluate and accompany the projects provided for in the Patronage Law. The following topics were addressed: Patronage Law, Tax Benefits for Companies, Corporate Social Responsibility Projects and how to streamline implementation.

The opening ceremony was chaired by His Excellency Minister of Youth and Sport, Dr. Ana Paula da Silva of Sacramento Neto, aided by distinguished members of the government, namely: Secretary of State for Youth Dr. Guilhermina Manuel Fundanga Mayer Alkaím, Secretary of State of Sport, Dr. Carlos Bendinha de Almeida, Secretary of State for Health, Dr. Altino Matias and the Secretary of State for Culture, Dr. João Constantino.