3rd National Conference about Women and Violence

The Ministry of Family and Women Promotion held in partnership with TheBridge Global and sponsored by the Banco Económico and Exxon Mobil the 3rd National Conference on Women and Violence. This event took place last Wednesday, the 25th, in the auditorium of the headquarters of the Banco Económico in Luanda (Angola), and served as a space for dialogue and analysis whose aim was to promote discussions on various forms of violence, pregnancy and early marriage and mechanisms for Protection of Women.

Divided into two panels, the first was a multi-sectoral reflection on Domestic Violence, Pregnancy and Early Marriage, Its Causes and Consequences in the Development of Families and Society, with the themes: “Education Influence in reducing pregnancy and early marriages”; “Consequences of pregnancy and early marriage on the health Girl” and “The influence of media on the behavior of adolescents.”

The second panel paid particular attention to national and international experience on the issue of pregnancy and early marriage, with reportings of the phenomenon experiences in provinces such as Cunene, Luanda, Lunda Sul and Moxico.

In partnership with the TheBridge Global, is in Angola for the first time having lectured at the conference, the Portuguese expert Prof. Dr. Albertina Duarte Takiuti, Coordinator of Public Policy of the São Paulo State Women (Brazil) and former coordinator of the Health Program teen of the same State Department.

The conference, which also featured the partnership of the Banco Económico, Esso and Mobil UNFPA aimed to achieve the following objectives: increase social mobilization and public awareness; Combat sexual violence against women and girls; Combat domestic violence; Consolidate sectoral level statistical data on domestic violence; Contribute to harmony, stability and cohesion of families; Enforce the law to reduce the incidence of domestic violence; and ensure compliance with international instruments and agreements to which Angola is a party.

As for the expected results, the conference intended: to inform and sensitize people about the risks of pregnancy and early marriage; Inform parents about the benefits of child study and live their childhood; See discouraged any act based on customs and traditions, threaten the dignity of the human person; Encourage associations and other organizations of civil society aimed for the preservation of women’s and children’s rights by banning the negative practices; See discouraged the practice of sexual violence in conflict zones and combat trafficking in women and girls; Foster awareness of policies in the areas of education, information, health and social support; View and answered swiftly, effective and integrated social services emergency support to victims.

The Angolan Government is strongly engaged in the promotion and protection of women and adopted the Law 25/11, of 14 July, the Executive Plan to Combat Domestic Violence, the Law Regulation No. 25/11 and the Campaign Launch “Together Against Pregnancy and Early Marriages in Angola “.


Date: 25 November 2015

Place: Auditorium Banco Economico, Luanda, Angola