Launching of the Awareness Campaign for Tax Payment

TheBridge Global launched a new project, once more focusing on the younger population, spanning from 11 to 15 years old. In partnership with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Education, the goal of the initiative implemented by the General Tributary Administration is to educate the population about paying taxes.

“Justinho and the Fantastic Briefcase” is a citizenship awareness campaign for the payment of taxes, which aims to educate children in Angola schools about the importance of being a good citizen and abiding by tax laws. Through an educational film, the project shows younger citizens that they can be good citizens when they pay taxes, and therefore they accomplish their duties to themselves and society. This initiative is aimed at students between 11 and 15 years of age, as well as directors, coordinators and instructors.

According to Margarida Guerra, director of projects at TheBridge Global, the project will have an impact on youth from all over the counter. “We want to change the way that everyone thinks about taxes, in a sense that they can improve quality of live for the entire population, as well as influence the country’s development”, she explains. The program that has been recently launched is comprised of three phases: in the first, meetings were organized with those responsible for the schools to better explain the project and make them aware of the basic premises of the initiative.

The next phase is the official presentation of the educational program to the students and teachers, through an animation mode that will explain to students how to be a good citizen, what taxes are, and why they are so useful to the development of the country.

The third phase consists of the launch of the “I am a good citizen” contest, which will span the entirety of the country, with the goal of bringing new ideas to the concept of citizenship in Angola

Finally, at the end of the project, a pedagogical approach for the evaluation of the results and the creation of a report detailing how the project helped citizens’ lives will be produced.