2014- The Ministry of Science and Technology of Angola (MINCT) developed in 2014 an innovative educational program to teachyoung Angolans to study the areas of science, technology and innovation. The country needs technicians who promote its development in the diversification of the economy.

“Journey to the World of Science, Technology and Innovation” is a socio-cultural project, with an innovative pedagogical methodology, which used a playful approach – through theater and free plays in schools – to highlight that career options in the areas of science and technology are “adventures which shouldn’t be missed”. For this project, 15 people were trained in interdisciplinary methods.

TheBridgeGlobal is the Angolan company that created, developed and implemented the methodology that supports the project, as well as developing all the scientific and pedagogical materials.

116,000 youth and adolescents from the 18 provinces of Angola were reached by promoting greater knowledge in science and technology in schools, as well as teaching young people about the choice of careers in these areas.


In the end, the National and Provincial Writing Competition “When I grow up, what will I be?” selected 59 young winners from all over the country.


We intend to implement this project again on a primary education level.

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