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"The government establishes rules of conduct in order to harmonize relationships between people within the family, because the stability, sanity and strength of society depend on how they structure themselves and how they work.”
(1st National Angolan Conference on Women and Domestic Violence, 2012)

Genoveva Lino
Minister of Family
and Promotion of Angola Woman

“I support the campaign against domestic violence, organized by TheBridgeGlobal. The initiative is of vital importance for providing quality of life and a greater self-esteem to women who were victims of domestic violence."

David Everson Uip
State Health Secretary
of São Paulo

“The wounds of the soul take a long time to heal, but with the help of the Society of Plastic Surgery and of TheBridgeGlobal, women who have been marked by domestic violence, will have a reason to smile again and thus, be more strengthened to rebuild their lives! Maria da Penha Institute supports this Campaign! Together for the end of domestic violence!"

Maria da Penha
Institute Maria da Penha

“We want to help to minimize the calamitous state in which sometimes, women victims of domestic violence are. Thank you to TheBridgeGlobal for giving us the opportunity to participate in this project that gives back to women their self-esteem and a dignified life.”

Dr. José Horácio Aboudib
Former President of SBCP

”The teaching program of Portuguese language to refugees from Zambia, is a project of great social responsibility that will contribute to a better and easier reintegration of refugees.”

António Guterres
Ex United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Currently United Nations Secretary-General

“The project “A Journey into the World of Science, Technology and Innovation”, carried out by TheBridgeGlobal, was an innovative way to stimulate the interest of young Angolans in scientific and technological areas. We believe that our mission is accomplished.”

Maria Cândida Teixeira
Ex Minister of Science and Technology of Angola
Currently Minister of Education

“The targets set were achieved and the number of students reached, exceeded our expectations, which shows the commitment and interest of all in the project, and the success of the partnership between the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education and TheBridgeGlobal.”
(Sobre Uma Viagem ao Mundo da Ciência, 2014)

Pinda Simão
Ex Minister of Education of Angola
Currently Governor of Uige Province

“It was a pleasure to have known the TheBridgeGlobal team and learn about their experience. Thank you for having contributed to the success of the conference.”
(2nd National Angolan Conference about Woman and Domestic Violence, 2013)

Filomena Delgado
Ex Minister of Family
and Promotion of Angolan Woman

”In my personal perspective, as a woman and black, (…) Angola is a country of flagrante contrasts and inequalities, permeated by structural issues of sexism and patriarchy, which still hinder the development of women and of all society. However, despite the short period of peace, only 10 years without war, there has been a clear trend in the country to resume its growth and development process. This conference, carried out by TheBridgeGlobal, is proof of that”
(2nd National Angolan Conference about Woman and Domestic Violence, 2013)

Cláudia Luna
Lawyer and Representative
of the Brazilian ONG “They by They”

“In most of the world, women are still largely absent from the economic and political leadership. The whole world failed for not realizing the importance of the contribution of women to economic, social and environmental level. And that is the reason why we are not progressing towards sustainable development.”
(About the itinerant Photographic Exhibition, carried out by TheBridgeGlobal in Brazil, which promotes a reflection on the role of women in Society, 2012)

Candice Stevens
Organisation for Economic
Co-operation and Development (OECD), France

“This project contributes greatly to the emancipation of women and to the development process.”
(About the itinerant Photographic Exhibition, carried out by TheBridgeGlobal in Brazil, which promotes a reflection on the role of women in Society, 2012)

Christine Alfsen
High Level Panel of the General-Secretary
of the United Nations for Global Sustainability

“Knowing the TheBridge's projects and being able to participate in some of them, was a wonderful experience. Good people making a difference and good for people and communities.”

Rosemary Correa
President of the State Council
for the Women's Condition